[CLOSED] OP-PIP-16: Asymmetric Research as the Relayer for Pyth Express Relay (PER)


This proposal seeks to appoint Asymmetric Research (“AR”) as a relayer for the Pyth Express Relay (PER) ecosystem. AR has demonstrated exceptional capability and reliability during the testnet phase, making it an ideal candidate to ensure the stability and performance of PER on mainnet.


Asymmetric Research (“AR”) is a premium boutique security firm that is extensively involved in the development and testing of Pyth Express Relay (PER) system on testnet. AR has a proven track record as an infrastructure expert, operating high-trust DLT infrastructure for 30+ chains. Additionally, AR is the embedded security team for Wormhole, leading a team of world-class security and infrastructure engineers. AR operates high performance validators across multiple chains including a Pythnet Validator, while employing load balancing and failover solutions to ensure excellent up-time. AR is well-positioned to manage the PER system and is fully capable of delivering high-quality, reliable infrastructure.

Key Highlights:

  • Track Record: AR has maintained a greater than 95% uptime for off-chain components and achieved a transaction landing rate higher than 90% during the testnet phase.
  • Validator Expertise: As one of the top validators across multiple chains, including a top 2% Solana Validator and a top validator on Aptos, AR has the necessary experience and technical expertise to operate high-trust DLT infrastructure.
  • Security Focus: Our security protocols include rigorous checks and balances to ensure the integrity of the PER system, and our team members have worked with the Pyth ecosystem for the past two years as trusted security partners.
  • Community Trust: We have established trust within the Pyth ecosystem through consistent performance and reliable service delivery.

Proposal Details

Role and Responsibilities: As the relayer for PER, Asymmetric Research will:

  1. Provide and maintain endpoints for PER users to connect to off-chain systems.
  2. Manage the runtime of the auction system for liquidations.
  3. Ensure seamless connectivity to various blockchains for transaction submissions.
  4. Develop and maintain data infrastructure for continuous performance and reliability analysis.
  5. Implement best sec ops practices including continuous monitoring, access control, authentication, and incident response with reporting on uptime and performance.

Implementation Plan:

  1. Endpoint Activation:
  • Make the necessary endpoints live to facilitate user connections to the off-chain systems.
  1. Smart Contract Integration:
  • Update the smart contracts to designate AR as a relayer for PER, ensuring all relevant transactions and processes are routed through AR infrastructure by executing this proposal.

Security and Limitations:

  • Checks and Balances: AR will implement robust security measures, including regular audits and monitoring, to prevent any unauthorized actions or sabotage.
  • Community Awareness: AR will transparently communicate any limitations in its capabilities, ensuring the community understands the scope and boundaries of our responsibilities.


Appointing Asymmetric Research as a relayer for the Pyth Express Relay will ensure the system’s stability, performance, and security. Our proven track record, validator expertise, and commitment to the Pyth ecosystem make us the ideal partner for this role. We look forward to the community’s support of this proposal.


Sounds like a very good idea in my opinion.
Seems like the system have very good reputation and I’m in favor of this

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Hello folks, I am posting the Asymmetric Research Relayer below:


Easy to decide. Another powerhouse in their relevant field to join the pyth team. Proposal seems solid.

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