Enable .pyth TLD and domain name registrations


AllDomains, leveraging the Solana blockchain, introduces a revolutionary domain service where users finally gain access to officially partnered community-focused domains, allowing users to choose not only a name they desire but also the community they wish to associate with, adding a new layer of customization to their Web3 identity.

We would like to offer {anything}.pyth domains to anyone who wants to register one, Pythian or not. Of course, since we are a community focused protocol, there would be an alignment of incentives between AllDomains, the Pyth protocol, and the wider community. Our protocol is ready (today) to offer this to the community and the TLD has been reserved for this exact moment since our inception.

Furthermore, AllDomains is a trusted domain provider by many of the top Solana projects, our existing communities include BONK, WEN, SuperTeam, MonkeDAO, and many others.


Most of us use regular addresses that are cryptographic and uneasy to read and remember. AllDomains offers a simple solution to this problem allowing wallets to be identified as anything.TLD, making them human-readable on chain.

Much like Web2 domains we offer ownership of the Web3 TLD, not a subdomain or variation of a domain. Our domains appear on-chain exactly as the domain purchased/minted by the owner. Apps, explorers, dex/cex, wallets etc would have no further requirements and would not cause any confusion to the owner/user.


No need to overcomplicate things in a way that will not only hinder sales but also exponentially increase mistakes when used.

Our protocol is incredibly straightforward to utilize, and would be no different for the Pythians. If we were to engage in a collaboration, users could go onto alldomains.id and:

  1. Go to alldomains.id​
  2. Search for the domain name you want (i.e. pythian.pyth)
  3. Select the SPL you want to use for your purchase (the default being $PYTH), the renewal period, and click Buy Now.

The domains will work from the get-go in Phantom, Solflare and other dapps. More so, once you set them as the main domain they will be shown in Birdeye.

We also have plans to become a multi-chain domain provider, whereby Solana remains the single source of truth.

Proposed Plan and Feasibility

Currently on AllDomains the prices are pegged to a USD notional which is using Switchboard feeds. To celebrate this collaboration we’ve also integrated PYTH Network feeds. Domain prices float in the native token but are fixed to a USD notional. We propose the same structure for .pyth domains. The most expensive domain being a 1 letter would cost $100 USD or 238 $PYTH at the time of writing.

Additionally, we would integrate $PYTH into AllDomains so it can be used to purchase other domains on the platform, not just .pyth domains.

Below is a simple table illustrating the pricing in the $USDC value. Customers will be charged in the equivalent amount of $PYTH.

Option A

Amt of characters Cost in $USDC
1 500 USDC
2 250 USDC
3 150 USDC
4 50 USDC
5+ 20 USDC

Option B

Amt of characters Cost in $USDC
1 250 USDC
2 150 USDC
3 100 USDC
4 40 USDC
5+ 10 USDC

Option A supports the rarity of .pyth domains in-particular 1 and 2 character domains.

Option B supports volume and lower entry for 5 or more characters.

For clarity, both Option A and Option B are renewable domains and owners would be required to pay these fees annually. Domains can be traded at any point during ownership.

AllDomains will provide a bespoke landing and sales page on their site for .pyth domains. At no additional cost this could be hosted on one of our .id domains which after our partnership with Web2 registry PANDI now serve as both Web2 and Web3 domains. - Meaning you could host the website for domain claims + could use the domain on treasury payments, making it easy and transparent for your community.

In addition, Pyth could host claims natively on your own outlets using the AllDomains API adding visibility to .pyth domains claims.

AllDomains offers renewable domains which would offer all parties annual recurring revenues, and would be a long term source of income for the Pyth DAO treasury.

Optional - Pools

Also on our roadmap is the release of our Pools V2 (Q3 2024), which allows community members to earn a yield on their community TLD.

In this scenario Pythians would have the opportunity to earn a % of revenues generated from .pyth domain sales. If this were of interest, both parties would offer a 10% stake (each) to this pool, resulting in a 40/40/20 revenue share between AllDomains, the PythDAO, and the community.


  • On-chain and dApp integration for branded domains (.pyth)
  • A recurring revenue stream for the Pyth DAO
  • Enable the community to become brand ambassadors
  • Dynamic prices expressed in $PYTH and pegged to $USDC values
  • Opportunity to create yield-bearing domains, providing the community an opportunity to share in the success of .pyth domains.

As mentioned above, our protocol could support .pyth domains at the flip of a switch, we just need the Pythians vote! The only request we have is that you offer your thoughts on the above proposal, and help discuss these questions.

Questions or Uncertainties

  1. Is the DAO ok to let anyone have a .pyth domain?
  2. What pricing would the DAO prefer, option A or option B?
  3. Is the DAO willing to allocate 10% of the revenues to the future AllDomains Pools V2?

I think allowing domains to be publicly sold will increase our community numbers and overall visibility. I like this better than the other domain proposal. It’s easier and makes sense

Option A for pricing imo


I think .pyth will be a better option for readability


I am excited to have my own Pyth domain. Demoni.Pyth


Debanked.Pyth, where do i sign!

But yes this is another layer of visibility the network could enjoy, add layers of encouragement to have this domain or just for bragging rights


Its a nice idea to tie in revenue sharing as an additional incentive. There could also be an amount from the Pyth treasury set up to kick start sharing and add an incentive for people to jump in and have a rolling economy.

It does remain mostly a hyped/on the surface thing until someone finds a true utility to .pyth names.


Looking forward to get my hand on Frozenmind.pyth. I personally prefer option 2 to have the names easily accessible for everyone.


The utility lies in the readable aspect IMO and i don’t think any other ‘utility’ will be derived aside from Pythians using it, showcasing it on socials which will bring more eyes on Pyth.


This looks like a strong proposition and more into option B for pricing personally to open it up to more Pythians.

I have 2 questions:

  • will alldomains (.pyth) be usable with the big Solana wallets like BP, Phantom, Solflare, …?
  • With the other @bonfida proposal, anything we should know to decide on which provider is best and only choose one? Or both can provide this and community members can make their own decision between the two when both are live?

Additional question related to Pepito’s question

  • In case both @bonfida and Alldomains can be used, and i got bonfida’s bats4.pyth(.sol), is the Alldomain bats4.pyth available or not?
will alldomains (.pyth) be usable with the big Solana wallets like BP, Phantom, Solflare, …?

Ans: Alldomain is already integrated in most solana dapps and wallets

  • cryptoslam
  • phantom
  • Magiceden
  • Solflare
  • SolanaFM
  • SolChat
  • Squads
  • birdeye
  • Sonarwatch
  • Solsnap
  • Helium
    …to name a few

We are two separate protocols with totally different registries, so yeah. Both will be available for claim :handshake:


thanks for the precision!


Like 5Talker mentioned earlier we already have quite an exhaustive list of integrations that includes the ones he already listed and quite a few others, Matrica being one of the more noticeable and practical ones.

Some noticeable names (BackPack, SolScan) are still WIP and we are confident that we will have these soon.

Regarding the second part of your enquiry:

While Bonfida offers fractions of a single domain name (.pyth.sol) we’re offering the actual .pyth TLD for your community.

That means all our .pyth domain names will forgo the need for the additional .sol suffix creating less friction for users that use their domain names.

One other noticeable difference is our domain names are renewable. This could constitute a long-term revenue stream to the DAO treasury, while also keeping domain name squatters away, curating a list of active members (for potential snapshots, and Matrica Discord Gating).

Your community can also decide to enable both options but consider this:
Having both enabled could be detrimental to the entire community and potentially used in malicious ways. Ex: people registering the same domain on opposing protocol in an attempt to steal a user’s identity.

This will create a need for users to register both.

It also will create many user mistakes when sending assets due to confusion.


Thank you for the clarifications.


Hey everyone,

Look, this is all about numbers, right? The Pyth :crystal_ball: community should choose the domain provider with the biggest user base, most integrations, and overall better performance. I’ve looked into Alldomains, but there’s not much info on their site other than they have 59 TLDs and 61.68k registered domains. You can’t verify this or see purchase history like you can on SNS. So, I decided to dig into Alldomains myself, and here’s what I found:

  • Total domains: 60,991

  • Total domain breakdown by TLD
    .fren: 5
    .god: 8
    .way: 231
    .gem: 7
    .defi: 57
    .madlads: 16
    .syndicate: 102
    .opos: 183
    .maxi: 24
    .jpeg: 31
    .slerf: 553
    .letsbonk: 14688
    .dude: 26
    .poor: 1458
    .basc: 23
    .eyekon: 561
    .goat: 28
    .random: 1
    .manlet: 27
    .btc: 85
    .bonk: 1672
    .shgc: 34
    .meta: 3
    .test: 2
    .id: 280
    .zk: 1467
    .punk: 5
    .samo: 291
    .monke: 146
    .bern: 29
    .moon: 222
    .pine: 4
    .yogg: 8
    .slam: 129
    .abc: 35323
    .spyre: 76
    .anon: 35
    .usa: 8
    .hodl: 24
    .superteam: 111
    .rollbit: 3
    .wassie: 291
    .myro: 136
    .wao: 8
    .solmap: 6
    .dks: 2
    .bozo: 18
    .wen: 1655
    .test!: 1
    .leo: 144
    .wifhat: 351
    .eth: 4
    .ser: 134
    .chad: 27
    .rare: 8
    .hub: 46
    .based: 169
    .all: 5

  • Unique owners: 21,724

But here’s the kicker: 33,334 of these domains are expired. So, the real number of registered domains is 27,657. Why aren’t people renewing? And why does Alldomains count expired domains in their total? :thinking:

Most of their domains come from .abc, which were issued for free. Paid domains have much lower counts. Look at .madlads, one of the strongest DeFi communities, yet only 16 domains are registered and none are in use. Same for .slerf. It shows Alldomains can’t create successful TLDs for communities. Why would .pyth be any different? Their secondary market volume is almost zero on platforms like MagicEden.

Also, their approach of multiplying TLDs, like creating both .bonk and .letsbonk, dilutes value. Imagine if they launch .letspyth later :woman_shrugging:t4:. They chase clout instead of aligning with communities, which could leave the Pyth :crystal_ball: community stuck with them.

None of their smart contracts are open source and there’s no public audit. Why should the Pyth DAO :crystal_ball: trust them? They’ve been using Switchboard, while SNS has been using Pyth :crystal_ball: from day one. SNS users also got some Pyth :crystal_ball: tokens from the initial airdrop, making the community more Pyth :crystal_ball: aligned and likely to participate in governance. Plus, SNS received a token grant from Pyth :crystal_ball: and has been actively participating in governance according to their blog.

As I mentioned, integrations matter. For example, you can use SNS with Brave to host websites. Try entering pyth.sol into the search bar—it leads you to the Pyth :crystal_ball: website. We want these integrations and SNS just has more.

SNS is cross-chain, available on Injective, BNB, and BASE (according to the other post), while Alldomains isn’t. And SNS is much cheaper, asking for 10% of the total revenue stream versus Alldomains’ 40%.

To sum it up:

  • SNS has more integrations (e.g., Brave)
  • SNS has 4.96x more unique users
  • SNS has 8.8x more domains registered
  • SNS is audited and partially open source
  • SNS is 4x cheaper
  • SNS is cross-chain
  • SNS community has Pyth :crystal_ball: exposure and is more likely to be involved in governance

This should come down to numbers. As Pythians :crystal_ball:, we need the provider with the biggest community, most integrations, that adds maximum value to the DAO and is aligned with Pyth :crystal_ball: in the long run.

This is why I’m not in favor of the Alldomains proposal.


totally agree with that and I’ll jump in with happiness :slight_smile:


wouldn’t it complicate things?
lets make it simpler.

i have X.pyth.sol (which can also be used as X.pyth) by bonfida
and someone has X.pyth of AllDomains.

if i want to receive funds, is there a chance that my funds will be transferred to AllDomains?
and vice versa?


i see you’ve mentioned the possibility of stealing a user’s identity.
and the need to register both if both will be enabled, thanks
you dont have to answer my question here, was already answered by this message


Thanks @AllDomains for the proposal to the Pyth community

And thank you to all those who chimed in, asked questions and others!

I do agree with {anything}.pyth might be more visually pleasing and usable as is however as mentioned by a few others, end of day, what matters are the underlying integration and re-usability

I wonder if it’s possible to extract/get the amount of actual domain usage @fitzpatrick ?

Meaning, how many times a .sol has been used to send funds (from phantom/solflare) and the AllDomains equivalent?