[PASSED] OP-PIP-3: Deactivate stake accounts


Deactivate stake accounts associated with inactive validators on Pythnet.


Inactive validators interfere with block production.


Two Pythnet validators have been offline for multiple epochs. The operators of these two validators are unable to bring them back up. In order to reduce the Pythnet deliquent stake, we will deactivate the stake delegated to their vote accounts.


  • Identity: 2fCDTVa93dLzoRKPdKNn95okqwc5h6baqZ7GCv4neDnA
    • Vote account: 5rvjiFE2hXYDXABREEk4L8nhQGHjU7QreVsd45jpsVJE
    • Stake account: GaWbR88EMcU1vRyxkQmaPnEm6aJ8V3W1nEVUT1jqqWvs
  • Identity: HoxprZizumTpg4LEXQiHu5s7y7Twcqvsh6QjukobSqV9
    • Vote account: FLVYvcVxuzMcZpnXchLz4RMBEGkFPysHFnw6Uy7CYLkw
    • Stake account: WWd3NK3PmMkQAx9sEGRDQvxTwtAJ8JdukeheCSoLr3A

Implementation Plan

  1. Make sure you have the Solana CLI. You can install it here
  2. Find out the Vote Account keys of the two deliquent validators by running solana -u https://pythnet.rpcpool.com validators in your terminal. The deliquent validators are indicated with a warning sign.
  3. Find out their Stake Pubkeys by running solana -u https://pythnet.rpcpool.com stakes <vote account>
  4. Check that the Stake Pubkeys from step 3 match the stakePubkeys in the proposal UI.