[Price Feed Council #1] Council Members

On March 28, 2024, the inaugural Price Feed Council has been elected and approved by the Pyth DAO through on-chain voting. As a reminder, very election should begin 6 months after the previous election has started and it will replace 4 members of its cohort of 7 members.

In accordance to the Pyth DAO Constitution, the Price Feed Council is made of 7 members who are signers of the Price Feed Multisig Wallet. The composition of the Price Feed Council aims for geographic diversity to better realize and fulfil the mission, ethos, and values of the Pyth DAO.

  1. Giulio Alessio, Head of Operations at the Pyth Data Association
  2. Lawrence Samantha, CEO and co-founder of NOBI
  3. Nicholas Diakomihalis, Senior Integration Specialist at Douro Labs
  4. Antoine Bellanger, Senior DeFi Engineer at SwissBorg
  5. Harnaik Kalirai, Head of Integration at Douro Labs
  6. Robert, Head of Operation at ReactorFusion
  7. Matt Losquadro, Core Contributor at Synthetix