[Pythian Council #1] Council Members

On March 7, 2024, the inaugural Pythian Council has been elected and approved by the Pyth DAO through on-chain voting. As a reminder, very election should begin 6 months after the previous election has started and it will replace 4 members of its cohort of 8 members.

As per the Pyth DAO Constitution, the Pythian Council is made of 8 members who are signers of the Pythian Multisig Wallet. The composition of the Pythian Council aims for geographical diversity to better fulfill and realize the ethos, mission and guiding values of the Pyth DAO.

  1. Afif Bandak, Contributor at Synthetix
  2. Marc Tillement, Director at Pyth Data Association
  3. Robinson Burkey, CCO and Co-Founder at Wormhole Foundation
  4. Guillermo Bescos, Software Engineer at Douro Labs
  5. Jayant Krishnamurthy, Co-Founder and CTO at Douro Labs
  6. Guilhem Chaumont, CEO at Flowdesk
  7. Shu Tsu Wei, Contributor at HMX
  8. nope, CTO at Solend