READ FIRST: How to Use the Ideas Bank

The Ideas Bank is for Pyth community members to suggest, discuss, and debate early-stage ideas before the proposal stage.

When creating a new topic to discuss an idea, please refer to the following template:

  • Idea Title - summary of your idea
  • Abstract - that summarizes your idea
  • Rationale - that explains why the Pyth community should implement this idea or a similar idea and how it aligns with community’s mission and value
  • Proposed Plan and Feasibility - explains how this idea could be implemented, including likeliness of success, past case studies, budget estimation, timelines or proposed roadmap.
  • Questions or Uncertainties - lists any factors or issues that need resolving or that you are uncertain about before formally proposing your idea.

Please make sure you read the Forum Rules and Guidelines and the Pyth DAO Constitution.

Reminder: Any ideas or proposals that are in violation of any of terms of the Operating Agreement of Pyth DAO LLC, or any applicable laws (including, in particular, sanctions-related regulations) are strictly prohibited.