Forum Rules and Guidelines

Please read and understand the following Rules of Engagement for the Pyth DAO Forum.

We expect all community members to maintain a high level of civility, respect, and understanding. The success of Pyth depends on respectful and collaborative engagement from everyone.

Violations of these rules are not tolerated and will result in immediate suspension from this forum. These include:

  • Discrimination based on religion, sexuality, ethnicity, or location.
  • Harassment, either public or private.
  • Using sexualized language or imagery, or making unwelcome sexual advances.
  • Intentional doxxing.

  1. Respect is mandatory for all.
  • Engage with patience and kindness. This is crucial during difficult conversations. If you feel agitated, take a break. Remember, the Pyth values emphasize creating the best possible space through patience and kindness.
  1. Contribute positively and valuably.
  • Post only to add value. Ensure your contributions are meaningful and relevant. This includes well-reasoned critiques and ideas based on logic and data.
    • Substantiate your claims. Provide evidence for your claims, especially in designated feedback channels. Avoid using emotional or inflammatory language. Unsubstantiated claims may lead to suspension.
    • Use common sense. Maintain the ethos of reasoned and sensible discussion that defines Pyth.
  1. Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Work together for change. Stay positive and collaborative, even through challenges.
    • Cultivate community culture. Actively participate in maintaining a respectful environment. Report and address any harassment or discrimination.
    • Stay safe from scams. Protect your keys and verify information. Report any scams you encounter.
  1. Embrace open communication.
  • Contact the Pythian Council or Pyth Core Contributors for feedback or to create a safe space for discussions. They can provide non-binding recommendations.
  1. Engage in good faith.
  • Do not spam messages on the Forum.
  • Do not sybil or encourage others to sybil the Pyth Forum.
  • Do not try to game the Forum Trust Level system.
  1. Moderation.
  • The forum moderators reserve the right to remove any posts or comments that violate these guidelines or are deemed inappropriate.
  • Repeat offenders may be banned from the forum.