[PASSED] CO-PIP-1 : Adoption of the Pyth DAO Constitution



  • The Pyth DAO should adopt a clear framework regarding its governance, operations, and processes. The framework should fully inform its members of how the DAO functions and how $PYTH token holders relate to the DAO.
  • Through PIP-1, the Pyth DAO will have the ability to submit subsequent Pyth Improvement Proposals (“PIPs”), collectively decide on them and implement them, and delegate certain responsibilities to elected councils.

Key Terms

PIP-1 proposes to adopt the Pyth DAO Constitution, a framework that:

  • sets rules and procedures on the submission and voting on PIPs
  • suggests the formation of two councils: the Pythian Council and the Price Feed Council which are respectively responsible for the voting and implementation of certain Operational PIPs as defined in the proposed constitution
  • lists a set of values and principles for the Pyth DAO community centered around ownership, governance, and inclusivity for the long-term benefit of the Pyth DAO

Implementation Plan

  • Approval of PIP-1


  • PIP-1 is subject to a 7-day on-chain voting period from the time of posting in the Pyth Forum